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Residential Events

Need Party or Event Staff? Call us today (202) 495-0799!

Let Us Manage Every Detail of Your Next Event.

No Project is Too Big or Small.

So you are planning an event… We know that most people have regular jobs.  They are accountants, government contractors, or teachers. They are not professional event planners with relationships with event vendors or a ready trained staff to coordinate and manage event details. If you don’t plan events often (or if you have never orchestrated a flawless event) the process and details can be overwhelming.  We understand! Hiring a company that specializes in event management and staffing is the solution. Kael Event Services has been providing professional event staff since 1999. With over 15 years experience in the hospitality and events industries, we are masters of flawless event execution. No one needs to endure the stress and headaches of executing an event, especially a corporate event or important family celebration.  Not only is event management stressful for amateurs, it is also risky.

A poorly executed event is not only an embarrassment for you, but it can be a COSTLY endeavor.

The day of your event will be a magical and successful experience for you and your guests.  While our event staff handle the details, you can focus on what is more important: being a great host!

We know the ropes of event execution and since we have been doing this for over 15 years, we have direct access to a rolodex of event vendors, performers, and our own internal event staff.  Our on-going relationships with these service providers allows us to provide these services at cost, much cheaper than if you would try to do it on your own. Our professionally trained, licensed and certified staff include:

Barbacks Coat Check Greeters Servers
Bartenders Concession Staff Grill & Line Cooks Sous Chefs
Brand Ambassadors Convention Staff Housemen Stewards
Buffet Attendants Dishwashers Prep Cooks Stewards
Bussers Executive Chefs Product Demonstrators Tray Passers
Carvers Food Runners Production Cooks Utility/Dishwashers

By partnering with us on your next event:

  • You will have a successful event that will be remembered by all.
  • You will avoid the stress and headache of executing an event.
  • You will avoid costly mistakes commonly made by amateurs.